What is hobbiesPhere?

HobbieSphere is an upgraded social media application which pays its user on the basis of engagement that their post gets.

Why is hobbiesPHERE?

HobbieSphere is here to give you an option to get rid of becoming a product yourself and with that not even getting your worth. We wanted to provide you with a platform that pays you for your work.

How can you benefit?

As HobbieSphere is a social media application, you can benefit by posting regularly. When your post gets engagement you get rewarded with coins(15 coins = 1 Rupee), which you can withdraw at checkpoints.

How TO Get Started?

Install the application & start posting. You just need to keep in mind that you're what people like and it's not sort of illegal to share.


To delete your account; Login > Side Drawer > Settings > Account > Delete Account then Authenticate after that you'll turn into dust on HobbieSphere's Server. For Further Queries You can reach us on HobbieSphere @hobbiesoriginal or e-mail us on support@hobbiesoriginal.com